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Our history


QUAZAR International can trace their roots back to the early 1970’s when Flair Signs Ltd was established to design and manufacture an easily transportable road sign product for the Police and Telecommunications market.

A reputation was developed for innovative and often bespoke products and a comprehensive range of road-signs and barrier systems evolved.

Under new ownership in the late 1980’s, a new direction was undertaken with the implementation of a strict distributor only sales policy. A nationwide network of distributors was carefully selected through which Flair Signs’ products would be sold under the QUAZAR products brand name.

This period also saw the significant growth of another market for Flair Signs. Utilising complimentary manufacturing techniques a range of reflective identification badges had been developed for clothing.

The phenomenal growth of the Corporate Clothing Industry throughout the 1990’s – the High Visibility Market in particular – in conjunction with our hard earned reputation for innovation with unquestionable quality* has seen this part of our business evolve spectacularly.

Given we were no longer solely a sign-maker, in 1995 we rebranded ourselves and established QUAZAR International. It was also during this year that we moved into our current manufacturing facility.

* QUAZAR International operates a quality system covering every manufacturing and administrative discipline, independently audited to ISO9001.